Target Practice

Target Practice

A big part of the success of your brand is directing your product or service to the right demographic.  Knowing your target audience is key to gaining their loyalty and that doesn’t just involve their attitude towards your product, but their lifestyle habits, buying patterns, household income and anything else that can help you build a better relationship with them.

Now there’s always the common sense approach to knowing your target.  If they’re 18-24, they’re more tech savvy, their household income may present a tighter budget and their attitude towards certain modern luxuries will vastly differ from an older generation such as the baby boomers.  By knowing your target deeper than quantifiable data, you could present a much more effective marketing campaign for your brand.

One way to collect data deeper than online statistics is focus groups.  This could not only help you get direct feedback and honest opinions from your average consumer, but allows you to improve and better direct your brand to your target audience.  A focus group can also help you to identify your target if you’re unsure of whom that is.  Holding a number of focus groups can help you direct your products or services to a number of demographics utilizing different marketing methods.

Online surveys, social media interaction and engagement are also effective ways to dig into the minds of your consumer.  Of course, keep in mind that social media may be much more successful with younger demographics, whereas older demographics aren’t as technologically adept.

Figuring out your target is essential before moving forward with your brand and our Toronto marketing agency can help you narrow in on yours! Contact us today for more information!

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