Visual Merchandising: Eyes Are The Windows To Your Sales

Visual Merchandising: Eyes Are The Windows To Your Sales

Three statistics that prove visual merchandising will improve a company’s sales:

  1. 90% of information sent to the brain is visual
  2. Only 10% of heard information is retained three days later. However, if images are attached to that information 65% of the information is retained three days later.
  3. 63% of consumers said good images are more important than product descriptions

Living in the media-saturated world that we do, we have all evolved to digest and interpret our information on a high-speed visual level.  On average it takes a human 8 seconds to decide whether they are interested in a show, product, or anything based on their first impression. A company can spend two months designing a strategy but if a consumer isn’t a fan of it in the first 8 seconds, they aren’t buying it.

Visual Merchandising allows a company to communicate what it is about, control what kind of ‘image’ it wants to project out, and convince a customer or audience to choose them, all in one strategy. As a smart creator, looking at the statistics above should not raise concern but rather encourage you to advance your company’s approach to advertising. Visual merchandising can do just this by communicating with your audience in ways that will stick. A full proof approach to visual merchandising includes promotional marketing, website design, graphic design, videography, photography and even social media marketing – all services provided by DoUKnow, a toronto marketing agency. By giving audiences new and exciting things to look at, their eyes are the window to your sales.

DoUKnow is a Toronto media company with a marketing agency within it which strives to help businesses of all shapes and forms reach their maximum potential. Want to learn more about visual merchandising and how it can transform your company’s image, we’ve got your back! Send us an email at today to get started on your new visual merchandising strategy!


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