Understanding the Power of Hashtags

Understanding the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags can be a complex topic to understand and discuss. There is so much information available regarding the topic and so many new tips and tricks always becoming available that it can seem like an additional unneeded step in your social media marketing strategy. However, hashtags are as important to your social media success as your website design may be to your business. There are three sure-fire ways to incorporate hashtags and to have them be successful to your overall marketing strategy.

1. Make sure your hashtags are brand or campaign specific. Create a hashtag that corresponds to your business and that people will recognize. Nike for example will hashtag #justdoit as this is a slogan they are known for. Whether you hashtag the company name or a slogan/phrase that is unique to your business, make it authentically yours.

2. Make sure you incorporate hashtags that are trending. However, the hashtags should still be relevant to your business. For example if #beyonce is trending but it has nothing to do with your business or the content you are posting about, don’t include it. Instead, looking at trending hashtags that are relevant. For example, on Fridays #TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) is a hashtag that usually trends and is commonly used. You can cater your content to be relevant with the celebration that it is Friday and therefore utilize that hashtag.

3. Another great way to incorporate hashtags is to use content hashtags- what is in the image. For example, if you are posting an image that has a dog in it, make sure to hashtag the breed of the dog. You won’t believe the kinds of things people look up and dogs are so cute, so who wouldn’t want to look that up?! It is however very important that the images you are utilizing for your content posts are well-taken & high resolution to properly reflect your brand. Obtaining Toronto photography and a great photography who can provide you with great quality images will be a game changer for your brand.
It is also important to know when to utilize hashtags throughout various platforms. Twitter is amazing for live tweeting events to utilize hashtags. You know that Rockets vs. Raptors game that captivated the nation? Perfect time to use #wethenorth and gain traction. Instagram has also changed their hashtag game. Did you know that you can now follow hashtags? Interested in baking for example? Follow the hashtag #baking and see what content is being posted with that hashtag!

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