What it’s like Interning at doUknow

What it’s like Interning at doUknow

Hello! Bonjour! My name is Victoria Duarte, I am eighteen years old and I am the current intern at doUknow Media. As a first-year university student, deciding what I want to do for a life-long career is a thought that crosses my mind every day. Like any young adult, it feels like the future is resting in the palms of my hands. It is this very obsession with my future that drove me to start looking for opportunities in real, growing companies. I sent my resume, I spoke to some incredible people and that is how I ended up at doUknow.

As an intern, I work twice a week and those two days are replete with adventure from the moment I skip into the office to the second I have to leave because my ride is there. A few tasks I encounter daily include writing blogs, organizing and scheduling social media postings, performing product photography and going to clients’ businesses to create promotional content for their brand. I work for real people, which is not always taught in school, but I am also backed up by a team of knowledgeable and nurturing individuals. I am not scared to make mistakes and ask questions in the doUknow space because the team sees as much value in my growth and development as I see in them. This boundless respect is truly a priceless feeling that motivates me every day to be better than I was the day prior to it.

Working at doUknow has easily been one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences I have gotten to take on. This internship has given me creative freedom, professional challenges, and a sense of belonging in the world outside of traditional academic schooling. As I result, I know I will be leaving with confidence, a better understanding of the media field, and a competitive edge, which will accompany me beyond the doUknow office space. I am beyond thankful to have met the team and have a small but mighty contribution to the success of this brilliant company. If you are ever granted the opportunity to intern at doUknow Media grasp it while you can! They offer a wide array of services ranging from social media marketing, to website design and are one of the few merchandising companies in Toronto, which provides a team of specialized individuals to help you with all your merchandising needs. Learn and grow with them!

Three Fun Facts About Me:
– I can understand Portuguese perfectly but cannot speak it
– My dream job is to work for Disney
– I am 5’3 but confident enough to pursue my virtual modeling career on Instagram

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